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Peter Ndlovu in eviction war


The most decorated Zimbabwean footballer, Peter “Nsukuzonke” Ndlovu, has been evicted from a rented property in Mount Pleasant, after his former employer, Highfield United, failed to pay rentals.

Ndlovu, a former Warriors captain, has since made an application for stay of execution pending rescission of judgment in case number 16504/11 where Highfield United and the owners of the property where he was staying, Twalumba Holdings, agreed to terminate the lease agreement.

Twalumba Holdings is an affluent local corporate organisation that is bankrolling the Northern Region Division One Football team, Highfield United, but reportedly owes troubled Renaissance Merchant Bank (RMB) close to $3 million.

On Thursday, provincial magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa said Ndlovu had not made an application for rescission of judgment in case number 15480/11, where Twalumba Holdings was granted the eviction order.

“Court also finds that applicant (Ndlovu) is not party to the lease agreement.

“Respondents (Dervogill Katsanza and Highfield United, a subsidiary of Twalumba Holdings) have shown cause for eviction,” Gofa said

“The Respondents under case number 15480/11 (Highfield United) were breaching the lease agreement by failing to pay rentals and as such, the order was granted by consent and Respondent in the present case (Twalumba Holdings) could not continue being prejudiced by that.

“The order was granted not in error, but by consent without any misrepresentation of facts.”

Ndlovu was served with the eviction order on September 26, and he refused to vacate house number 67 Garland’s Ride, Mt Pleasant, saying that he had not been consulted on the termination of the lease agreement.

In his application, Ndlovu said sometime in August, Katsanza, who is cited as the first respondent, visited his place of residence and advised him Highfield United was not paying rentals.

“I was willing to pay the rentals ($1 000 per month) until December which is the last day of my contract.

“I contend that the net effect of the order is to evict me (and) obviously the second respondent (Highfield United) unprofessionally and unethically consented to the eviction without notice to me so as to gain mileage in legal battles that are pending both in the High Court and the Ministry of Labour,” Ndlovu said.

Gofa postponed the matter to next week Friday when she is expected to deliver judgment in an application by Highfield United for execution of the order pending appeal.

Ndlovu remains Zimbabwe’s most illustrious soccer player, who twice captained the Warriors to the Africa Cup of Nations finals and played over 100 international matches for the national team.

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