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Doctors on Call: Think before you Pink


In this week’s column we would like to focus on the thought process behind breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the leading cancers in women around the world.

This form of cancer is highly invasive and if the treatment is not accurate, life expectancy suffers.

People tend to think that they are perfectly healthy if they have no symptoms of disease. This thought goes straight to the cause of breast cancer and every condition across the spectrum. Let’s take a step back: Is health merely a lack of symptoms?

Technology is advancing communication, but is it helping? When you read about breast cancer, does it say how to prevent it? Does it say what to do once you have it?

Or does it tell you to have regular lab tests and mammograms? Once you have it, what are the options?

The common treatments include chemotherapy, radiation and surgical removal. Does this sound like it is getting to the cause of breast cancer?

Where are we? Our personal health responsibility has been stripped away and we are told to rely on a knife as a cure. This is a physical problem that was created by the dysfunctional application of health principles.

Health principles

Our bodies have an amazing healing power inside. This power controls every thought, organ and muscle in your body. Our immunity is controlled by this system as well. What is this system? Your nervous system. Your nervous system is made up of your brain, spinal cord and nerves throughout the body.

We need to think about our health as a timeline. One point in your life, you did not have cancer and another point you do. What is the difference? Is it bad luck, ageing or genetics? No, it’s not. It is something physical.

As we get older, the length of our problems increases as well. Regardless of how you feel today, your health is a combination of every accident, injury, stress, posture a and position in your past.

Does your body know how to handle these negative factors? Yes! If your nervous system and body are operating and functioning as well as possible. Does nutrition improve how your body heals?

Does exercise improve how your body can respond to stress? You know the answers, but are are applying them?

Vitamin D3

Doctors have known that low levels of Vitamin D are linked to certain kinds of cancers as well as to diabetes and asthma, but new research also shows the vitamin can kill human breast cancer cells.

There is lab testing to determine whether patients are getting enough Vitamin D. We believe everyone should be taking a supplement. Here is the best test.

Take your pointer and middle fingers, reach up to feel your pulse in your neck. If you feel a pulse, you tested positive. You need Vitamin D3.

Am I saying that Vitamin D3 cures cancer? Then we would not be changing our mindsets, would we? Nothing can cure cancer, except your body.

What is the purpose of this vitamin? It is to help our bodies function better. It is to improve the response to daily stress.

Exercise has been proven to stimulate one’s immune system and fight off cancer cells naturally. Does exercise cure cancer? It does stimulate normal functions of the body that will naturally destroy cancer cells.

The controversy of chemotherapy, surgery and natural living should not be a controversy at all. The controversy is actually the thoughts behind the recommendation.

A lifetime of neglecting your health will certainly cause you to rely on chemotherapy and a knife to try save your life. Would it be better to take care of yourself every day to your fullest potential?

Everyone is different. There is not one recommendation. The important factor is that you find a healthcare professional that is consistent with your healthcare beliefs.

Your health is not your doctor’s, it’s yours. You need to educate yourself and take self responsibility for your health.

Next weeks column will focus on asthma. We would like to thank all of our readers for the detailed questions and recommendations for future topics.

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