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Peter Moyo’s debut Harare gig


Peter Moyo will have his first public gig in Harare as leader of Utakataka Express following the death of his father Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo last month.

Dubbed “Quad 11” the show takes place at Sports Diner International on Friday.

Peter had a brief performance at a private function at the launch of his father’s documentary at 7Arts Theatre recently. His previous stage appearances in Harare were stand-in acts for his father when the latter’s health deteriorated.

The young musician stood in for his father at the “Zim’s Finest” gig at Glamis Arena in September and did the same at Mushandirapamwe Hotel a few weeks before Dhewa’s death.

Now, he returns to Harare as newly-ordained leader of Utakataka Express and it will be time to show his capability.

Harare was one of Dhewa’s favourite hunting grounds and he would perform in the capital every month. All responsibility to entertain his hordes of fans now rests on Peter’s shoulders.

Organisers of the show explained why they have branded it “Quad 11 Gig”.

“It will be on November 11. November is the eleventh month of the year. We are in the year 2011. Peter will go on stage at 11pm. So there are four elevens involved hence the theme ‘Quad 11’,” said one of the organisers.

When Peter stood in for his father, the 22-year-old musician showed he still needs some mentoring to master Dhewa’s tricks.

But his performance at Midlands Hotel in Gweru last Friday showed a lot of improvement. Despite putting up a commendable performance, Peter admitted he still had a lot to learn.

“While it would not be an easy mission to maintain my father’s position and be at the top, I will push hard for the band to remain a force in local music circles,” said Peter.

“I am ready to lead Utakataka Express mostly because of the kind of situation I have found myself in. I am fighting to stay in the top five, as well as satisfying my fathers’ fans. Now they might not view me with the eyes they looked at my father, but they are the ones who will transform me into a giant.

“I want to promise the fans that I will do my best. For my father to be where he was it was because of their support and I also need their support to grow in this industry.”

Peter said he will start his own projects and has already penned five songs which he intends to record next year.

“My father tried by all means to dissuade me from pursuing music. He wanted me to academically excel and do something else. But as a musician’s son, unavoidably I composed some songs behind his back and I wish to go into the studio next year.

“Although dad did not want me to venture into music, I was the one who played drums throughout the rehearsals of the song Samanyemba. I was in Grade 7 then and I remember we were with the likes of Ronnie Mudindo and Alois “Machapa” Ronjezera during that time.”

But things changed when his father fell ill.
“I think my father knew his time was almost up. Sometimes he would spend about two days unconscious and he just wanted me to help the band.

“So far I cannot complain because the band respects me. Whatever decision I make they respect me and I am happy the guys accepted me. All my hope is in them because they are vastly experienced.”

Although his stage confidence needs to grow, Peter gave Gweru residents value for their money.
He got on stage to rapturous applause with the song Funga Kaviri before belting out others like Tsamba, Wandipa Zororo and some from the album Toita Basa.

He shared the stage with Morgan and Tendai Dembo who are also keen to preserve their father’s legacy.

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