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Mr Vegas speaks on poor performance


Jamaican dancehall musician Mr Vegas who failed to live up to his billing during his recent Harare show has apologised to fans who felt let down although he indicated it would not have been possible to belt out all his hit tunes.

In a reflective posting on his Facebook wall, Mr Vegas wrote that it would not have been possible to please every fan.

“I have recorded over 1 000 songs in my 15-year career and it would be impossible to sing every one of them. So if I left out your personal favourite, I am sorry,” he wrote.

“I know some people are disappointed in my performance because of various reasons some of which are beyond my control. However, there are areas I can always work on next time.”

Mr Vegas sang the late reggae icon Bob Marley’s song Zimbabwe much to the crowd’s delight, but left out some of his popular tracks such as Who Shoot the Ghetto Yute, Oh What a Night, and Pum Pum Shots.

Mr Vegas said people who love and respect reggae music should not interrogate his decision to sing the Marley track.

“For someone who loves and respects reggae music, you should be ashamed to ask why I sang Bob Marley’s track on Zimbabwe. One love Zimbabwe.”

He however thanked all the fans that turned out for the show and their remarks.

“First, I must say thanks to everyone that turned out to see the performance in Zimbabwe. Thank you for your comments.”

He quoted some comments he received from fans including one that said: “If we wanted to hear reggae, we would have called Cocoa Tea. We did not come here to hear Bob Marley songs.”

The Jamaican artist further advised fans he could not keep female dancers on stage for the rest of the show because he wanted to give his best with the band.

“For the patrons who wanted to see a jumping chick on stage for two hours, I am not that type of artist, I mix my shows with a full package of dancehall, reggae, gospel and tributes,” he added.

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