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Lupane seeks $1 million


Lupane Town Council is looking for more than $1 million to carry out a survey that will enable property owners in the Matabeleland North provincial capital to have title deeds for their properties.

Acting town secretary Roy Moyo said although the centre attained town status in 2007, it was facing some challenges in transforming from a growth point to an urban centre.

“More than a million dollars is needed for us to commission a title survey so that people can have title deeds, but that has not stopped us from developing the area,” he said.

“As I speak we have been busy allocating stands to home-seekers for development.

“They pay a deposit for the stands and when eventually the area has been surveyed, we give title deeds.

“When the proper value of the land is known, we will subtract what they would have contributed and ask them to pay the difference.”

Moyo said while people were coming forward for housing stands, there were virtually no takers for stands for lodges and chalets especially along a stream near Bubi-Lupane Dam, which forms the boundary with the rural district area.

“Those commercial stands are waiting to be taken,” said Moyo. “People should come forward and invest in lodges and chalets.

“They might think this area is not a fully fledged town right now, but in a few years’ time they will be moaning when outsiders have seen value and seized the opportunity to invest here.”

The town is strategically located adjacent to the highway connecting Bulawayo and the country’s resort premier town, Victoria Falls.

“We are also keen to have a proper waste and sewage management system in tandem with our new status as a town,” he said.

“Right now we have a situation where we use the soak-away system for toilets in the town.

“Under this system, each household has a hole dug in the yard with a flushing system, but no sewer lines.

“That is another area where we are seriously in need of funds to come up with a proper system.”
The town has a population of about 3 000 people.

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