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Female rapists strike in Mutare


Female rapists have resurfaced in Mutare amid reports they abducted and raped a 25-year-old man at the weekend.

The syndicate of two female rapists acting in connivance with two men, allegedly abducted the Mt Darwin man in Harare on Friday evening and drove him to Mutare where they allegedly took turns to sexually abuse him after drugging him.

Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Leonard Chabata confirmed the rape and said investigations were still in progress.

He said one of the men was known to the victim as they had met in Mt Darwin the previous week where the victim was promised employment in Mutare by the gang.

They allegedly met on Friday in Harare and the man introduced his accomplices as his friends telling them he had secured employment for the victim in Mutare.

“They drove in a white Toyota Land Cruiser from Harare and just after Msasa they bought drinks. As they were drinking, one of the alleged female rapists did not finish her drink and gave it instead to the victim who drank it not knowing that she had put a drug in the can.

“He felt dizzy and started sweating before falling unconscious,” said Chabata.

It is alleged the man regained consciousness at around 12 noon, but was still weak. He found himself in a bushy area around Magamba Training Centre in Mutare. At that time, according to Chabata, he was having sex with one of the women.

In that state he was forced to have sex with both women who are said to have been wearing female condoms. The alleged female rapists drugged him with a stimulant before they both had sex with him till about midnight.

However, one of the rapists observed the man was producing blood and thus advised her syndicate that the victim was no longer useful.

They dumped him and drove away, leaving the stranded and weak man behind. He only regained consciousness on Saturday at midday and walked towards the road where he was ferried to Mutare Provincial Hospital by well-wishers.

A police report was made and investigations have been launched.

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