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Mangethe Afro-Jazz Band carries on Beater’s legacy


The late songstress, Beater Mangethe’s band has taken over where she left, following her death in June last year.

Her younger sister, Nyezi, is now the lead singer for the group, Mangethe Afro-Jazz Band.
Nyezi now works together with other band members who comprised Beater’s music outfit.

Beater was a talented singer, actress and dancer.
Mthokozisi Mlotshwa provides poetry pieces for the group which keyboardist Stanford Mpofu said were in commemoration of Beater.

They have staged three shows to date. The first one was at Matshobana Beer Garden while the last one was held in Plumtree where they staged a joint performance with Ndolwane Super Sounds.
The group performs songs that were penned by the late musician such as the hit I Come from Makokoba.

Beater had four albums to her credit that included Sizomlobola, Lithini Ngalezi, Ngeze Africa and Success.

“When she died, she had recorded vocals on her cellphone which we are yet to turn into a fully-fledged album,” said Nyezi.

She said the group would release the album in March next year and it would be entitled Still in Makokoba.

They hope to have some songs recorded with Ndolwane Super Sounds.

The Mangethe Afro-Jazz Band also has ambitious plans to ensure Beater’s legacy lives on.

In December, they plan to organise a Beater Mangethe Memorial Show to be held at Stanley Square in Makokoba.

“We would like to have a lot of musicians performing there. We will also be selling T-shirts emblazoned with Beater’s image as well as music that she has produced,” said Mlotshwa.

He said Ndolwane Super Sounds had confirmed they would perform as well as Sungura Snipers. Attendance will be free.

The group also plans to hold a modelling contest at high schools in Makokoba and Mzilikazi suburbs besides shooting a movie chronicling the life of the late musician and her journey in the arts industry.

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