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Mr Vegas disappoints


Jamaican dancehall star Mr Vegas (born Clifford Smith) performed at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) on Friday evening and helplessly watched as most of his fans walked out of the venue during his performance.

Local DJs Smiley and Templeman proved popular and stole the show as they kept revellers on their feet singing and dancing along to the tunes they were chanting. Smiley played popular because of the energy he had and the choice of songs was precise as he chanted club hits.

Mr Vegas, meant to start performing at 11:30pm, got on stage an hour later. Although revellers were getting impatient, his appearance breathed life into the venue. Fans screamed and enjoyed his first songs.

When he was halfway through his performance revellers seemed to lose interest in his performance and they started trickling out of the venue.

NewsDay spoke to some revellers that walked out of the show and one disappointed fan said:

“This show should have been dubbed, ‘Smiley featuring Mr Vegas’ because I enjoyed Smiley’s performance as compared to Mr Vegas.”

One Winky D fan said: “The line-up was dull they should have brought in Winky D not these unpopular artists. Winky D is the only dancehall musician in Zimbabwe who can put up a good show.”

Another fan who seemed to enjoy every moment of the show said: “I think some people who came here clearly do not appreciate dancehall music because this guy delivered a good performance. I do not understand what people mean when they say he did not perform well.”

Viking Security personnel that manned the show did a good job to protect Mr Vegas. Fans did not get rowdy as compared to the Elephant Man show which saw fans jumping onto the stage while he was performing.

Meanwhile, Mr Vegas said he enjoyed his stay in Zimbabwe and would not mind coming again.

“If I could, I would stay here forever since I enjoyed my stay,” he said.

Clint Robinsons, the promoter of the event, announced that Mavado from Jamaica will be coming to perform in Harare on December 16.

Robinsons said he believed Zimbabweans could identify better with Jamaicans as compared to other stars from other countries hence his decision to bring in Jamaican artists.

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