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Mugabe's WikiLeaks backstabbers to pay


Didymus Mutasa, the Zanu PF secretary for administration and Presidential Affairs Minister, yesterday said the party was downloading all the United States diplomatic cables leaked and published by a whistleblowing website, WikiLeaks, to identify senior officials who could have stabbed President Robert Mugabe in the back.

Mutasa told NewsDay all the cables would be downloaded and studied as part of the party’s investigations.

He declined to mention the individuals conducting the WikiLeaks probe, saying that was not relevant at the moment.

“We are going to download and study all the leaks,” Mutasa said. “There are so many.”
About 2 500 cables on Zimbabwe were released in August by WikiLeaks. In several of the cables, senior Zanu PF and government officials were quoted as having betrayed President Mugabe during discussions with top US diplomats stationed in Harare.

The officials allegedly told the diplomats they wanted President Mugabe out of office because he had become a liability to both the country and Zanu PF.

Others discussed President Mugabe’s personal life with the diplomats.

When the cables were leaked and splashed to the public, almost all the officials linked to the cables, except party prodigal son Jonathan Moyo, distanced themselves from the damaging exposē.
Moyo has said it would be naive for those implicated in the cables to assume the matter was water under the bridge and there would be no reprisals.

The disclosures have shaken the corridors of power in Zanu PF.

Insiders said heads were likely to roll because President Mugabe was seething with anger at his lieutenants who appeared to support him during the day but backstabbed him at night.

Mutasa said as soon as Zanu PF finished the process, their findings would be made public.

He, however, did not give a time frame, saying this was because of the amount of work to be done, considering the large number of cables involved.

The WikiLeaks exposē has also caused a storm in Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party, where some elements are calling for an investigation into those who allegedly undermined the MDC-T leader.

But Tsvangirai, in public appears to be putting on a brave face, saying his party would not be swayed by the leaked cables from pursuing its “real change” agenda .

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