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Kwenda students help stricken classmate


Students and teachers from Kwenda High School yesterday donated cash and groceries to the Mudyara family in Chitungwiza following a mental breakdown suffered by their colleague, Chido Mudyara, a Lower Six pupil at the school.

A sombre atmosphere briefly engulfed the home as some of Chido’s friends recounted how they watched her deteriorate over time.

Her roommate, Kembani, said she noticed that when Chido arrived at school, she was withdrawn and did not talk like before.

“Sometimes she wouldn’t sleep at night. She would wake up around 2am crying that she had humiliated herself and failed her parents,” Kembani said. “At times she would suffer from memory lapses when we were studying.”

She added that at one time, Chido drew a picture of herself crying and scribbled, “Mama, I’m sorry.”
The headmaster, Tinashe Manhera, told the gathering that Chido was a gifted child and was their best student in last year’s

“O” Level examinations with 6As and their school was banking on her for the best “A” Level results next year.
“We were banking on her to produce 15 points next year and we believed she was going to put our school on the map,” Manhera said.

When she left for school on September 10, her father, Reuben Madyara, said she was well, and was surprised to receive a call from the headmaster saying she was not well. He added that they were doing their best to get help.

The school principal, Reverend Acub Simba, assured the parents not to lose hope, saying such situations were common.

“I have experienced it with other children before, but the difference in this case is that you know God and He will give you the strength to overcome, which is only possible with those that trust in God,” he said.

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