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Extend the life of your clothes


A wardrobe that is properly taken care of will last longer. Caring for your clothes can be a simple and easy task. Extend the life of your clothing with a few simple strategies that pay off with big results.

Here are several ways to keep your wardrobe fresher looking.

Follow the instructions on the care label of every garment.

Always hand-wash your delicates and pantyhose, even if your washing machine has a hand wash cycle. Using a machine cannot provide the gentle treatment that such clothing needs.

Never over wash your clothing. Too much time in the washer is not a good thing. Use the proper settings.

Never use too much soap, as it can leave a residue on your clothing and leave it looking dull.

Use the proper settings on your washer for the type of fabric that is being laundered.

Never overload your washer. This can damage clothing in irreversible ways. Overloading can produce clothing that has been twisted or stretched out of shape.

Wash clothing that has been stained as soon as possible. The longer you allow the stain to set, the more likely it is that you will not be able to remove it.

Select clothing loads carefully for washing and drying. Wash and dry clothing that is similar in weight for better results. If you wash clothing of varying weights, some will remain in the dryer for longer than it needs to be.

Remember to wash like colours with like to avoid colour transition. If this happens, immediately rinse clothes in cold water.

Decrease the amount of time that you use the dryer. Certain fabrics are delicate and need less time in the dryer.

Opt for a short five-minute toss in the dryer to accomplish the fresh scented and softly tossed look. Then, line dry the clothing.

Always line dry your clothing whenever possible. This puts less strain on your wardrobe and will extend the life of your clothing by quite a bit.

Use the proper setting on the dryer, especially for delicates such as wool.
Care and wear

Rinse your new pantyhose before wearing them.

Purchase reinforced toe and crotch pantyhose whenever possible.

Avoid sitting on any surface that may create snags, such as concrete or untreated wood.

Always keep your nails filed to avoid snagging delicate fabrics.

Extend the life of a suit by purchasing a second pair of pants.

Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every day. Allow them to air out in between uses.

To prevent underarm stains from perspiration, use cotton shields.

Stitch tears or holes when they first appear. A stitch in time may save the entire outfit.

Store delicates such as pantyhose in a plastic bag to avoid snags from the dresser.
Below are a few vitally important tips to stain removal:

Take action immediately.

Blot or soak up any excess substance from the garment quickly.

Read the care label of your garment for instructions on cleaning it.

Use the specific directions as closely as possible for removing the stain.

Follow the specific instructions on any cleaning agents that you use.

Identify the stain’s origination if possible, and use stain specific tips for its removal.

Always work from the outside of the stain towards the centre of it.

If the stain is stubborn, massage it as gently as possible to aid in its removal.

If possible, test a piece of the fabric in an inconspicuous place before applying any cleaning solution.

If you cannot possibly treat the stain right away, use a pre-treating stain stick.

If possible, line dry the clothing after rinsing it thoroughly. Then, if the stain is gone, re-wash the garment per the label’s instructions.

Never wait until the next day to begin treatment of the stain.

Do not rub the stain as this spreads the stain, and creates a larger area of the fabric to treat.

Never use hot water on a stain because this will set the stain.

Avoid mixing cleaning solutions to treat a stain. Some combinations are toxic.

Following these quick and easy rules will keep your wardrobe looking good and you looking even better!
Remember it only takes a minute to add a lifetime of use. Until next week. Stay fabulous.


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