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Teeing off with Tavenganiswa Mabikacheche


NetOne Classic Pro Tournament and Pro-am — Borrowdale Brooke/Navistar Leopard Rock Open — Vumba.

These two were the major tournaments of the week. The NetOne Classic was played over three days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The pro-am event format was four-ball Stableford alliance plus individual Stableford scores.

On the professionals’ results, Ignatius Mketekete continued his brilliant performance from where he left the previous week when he was the winner at the heavily sponsored FSG Lowveld pro-am edging Robson Saurombe on a play off.

He did it again at the Brooke. This time from day one, he set himself a comfortable lead which he never let go up to the last day. He is therefore the 2011 NetOne Classic champion on 199.

The runner-up was Tongo Charamba on 207 and on third position was Phillip Tshuma on 209. The senior professional golfers were recognised too as they all received appearance fees.

The pro-am four-ball Stableford alliance results were 1 P Banda/S Muchenje/A Manning/E Musekiwa -117 points, 2 I Chingono/P Katsamba/E Muchabaiwa/E Muzvondiwa -114, 3W Lake/S Nyamutsaka/ S.Simukai/T Chipunza -113, 4 E Makaza/S Mabanja/S Goredema/T Goredema -111, 5T Masunga/L Chitambo/J Sharara/B Mavodza -111 The individual Stableford winners were,1N Sibanda -42 points, 2 T Chipunza -42, 3 J Sharara -42, 4 J Muchochomi -41, 5 P Katsamba -41.

Winners of the Saturday medal game were, 1 R Da Costa -71 net, 2 J Banda -71, 3 T Gutu -71. Wednesday Club individual Stableford winners were, T Banda -40 points, 2 Liz Mudavanhu -38, 3 B Lowe -36, 4 P Marshall -36.

Navistar Leopard Rock Open, Vumba — This tournament was played over two days. The A and Championship divisions played 54 holes (36 on Saturday and 18 on Sunday), and the B Division played individual Stableford over 36 holes (18 on Saturday and 18 on Sunday).

There were prizes for each round. The results of the tournament count on the Zimbabwe Golfers’ Association A order of merit points for amateurs who played the 54 holes event which was limited to a maximum handicap of 12.

Below are the overall results over the two days. The B Division Stableford winner was M Mapfunde, runner-up M Ruchiyo, third P Takaidza. A Division overall gross winner was P Mutenda -232, gross runner-up P Mariyacha -241 and the overall net winner was P Mutenda -208, runner-up P Mariyacha -211.

Championship Division — The 2011 Navistar Leopard Rock Open champion is V Goddard from Bulawayo on overall gross score of 223.

This was Goddard’s first championship win. The runner-up was K Basson 224. J Sigaba who had a comfortable lead after two rounds could not hold on during the last round.

He was pushed to third position on 225. However, the overall net winner was J Sigaba -213 and runner-up B Chibvuri on 215.

The Highlands Fling Golf Society had their private tournament (36 holes individual Stableford) played over two days (18 on Saturday and 18 on Sunday).

The top 10 overall winners over the two rounds were, I Peters -67 points, 2 Z Hinze 65 / R Vas 65, 4 E Darrel -64, 5 A Wazir -63, 6 A Wellington -62, 7 W Costa -59, 8 J Muller-58 /T Nyamurira 58 / M Pinto 58.

Country Club — “Enjoy More Golf” had an individual Stableford competition at the club on Saturday.

Winners were, 1 T Musere -41, 2 S Kazhanje -38 2 S Sibanda -36. The four-ball betterball Stableford Wednesday club winners were, 1 M Wedlock/R Forbes -47 points, 2 M Wedlock/ G Dartnall -46. On Sunday Alexander Primary School had its golf day.

Format was individual Stableford and the winners were, 1 S T Sabau -37 points, 2 P Shoniwa -36, 3 Zaranyika -35, 4 S Mabanja-31, 5 E Musiiwa-31, 6 B Mwamuka -30, 7 K Nyoni -29, 8 M C Chitambo -26, 9 T Shoniwa -25.

Royal Harare Golf Club — The divisional winners of the Saturday monthly Stableford competition were, C Division winner was K Markhardt -37 points, 2 Pro H Chinyanga -35. B Division winner was P Muhwati -39 points 2 A Hassim -33, A Division winner M Parbhoo -39 points, 2 W Ali -36.

Chapman Golf Club — The winners of the Saturday four-ball betterball Stableford bogey plus competition sponsored by the club were, 1 D Matete/Kaitano +12, 2 H Geoliviera/ I Cowie +10, 3 M Musumiri/D Komola +10. On Friday there was the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe golf day.

The competition format was four-ball betterball Stableford winners were, 1 J Goromonzi/E Maboreke -50 points, 2 J Nyamakura/J Kungwa -48, 3 J Dzimwasha/S Madyambudzi -46, 4 L Chogumaira/M Mutengwa -45, 5 E Doka/P Chimhini -45, 6 E Nyabeze/S Dzingapeta -44. Wednesday’s four-ball betterball Stableford competition was sponsored by FBC Bank. Winners were, 1 M Dodo / S Kasirori -46, 2 W Seremani/T P Kambarami -46, 3 L Matoushaya/B Fundira -45.

Falcon Golf Club — On Saturday the divisional winners of the Saturday monthly medal competition were, C Division 1 S Zvarivadze -66 net, 2 E Mhanga -71, 3 P Masuku -72, 4 T D Badze -74. B Division 1 S Terera -72 net, 2 P Nkomo -73, 3 R B Marufu -73, 4 E Somane -74. A Division 1 C Nguru -68 net, 2 A Sithole -71, 3 J Milazi -71, 4 M Janyure-74. Sunday individual Stableford winners were, 1 J Milazi -39 points, 2 G Chiropa -37, 3 I Chisepo -35.

For any feedback/ comments contact Tavenganiswa Mabikacheche at The Centre for Training and Research Services on email: or mobile no. +263712200922 /+263772319612

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