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Mr Vegas coming to Zimbabwe on Wednesday


C&A Entertainment, who are bringing in Jamaican dance hall star Mr Vegas on Wednesday, have promised fans a top-drawer performance from the Heads High hit maker during his debut performance in the country.

The promoter, Clint Robinsons, who successfully hosted the Elephant Man and Sean Kingston shows this year, urged fans to come in their numbers at the airport to welcome the dancehall artist.

“Mr Vegas will touch down at the Harare International Airport at 21:20 tomorrow accompanied by his manager. People should come in their numbers to welcome their icon,” he said. His band will however arrive on Thursday.

Born Clifford Smith, Mr Vegas will hold a once-off performance at the Glamis Arena in Harare on Friday evening.

Robinsons assured fans the Jamaican was not going to use CDs during his performance, but will be backed by his band.

“After noticing that Zimbabweans do not like being given half-done cakes, we have decided to host a show for them where the artist will be performing with a live band,” said Robinsons.

He admitted that while bringing in a live band to Zimbabwe was expensive, it was, however, worth it.
“The truth is bringing a live band to the country is not cheap at all, but I need to give people what they want because this is a people’s concert,” he said.

In an interview with NewsDay, Vegas said he could not wait to come to Zimbabwe.

“I have heard so much about the country and I really want to experience what other reggae artists experienced, myself. I believe that Zimbabwe is the central hub of all dancehall artists,” he said.

The organisers said they decided to host Mr Vegas because he was an artist who cuts across different music genres as he sings dancehall, hip-hop and R&B.

Robinsons added he believed Zimbabweans could identify better with Jamaicans as compared to other stars from other countries.

“These shows are more than just bringing artists to Zimbabwe, but they also create employment for people. The more shows you have, the more we raise expertise in different areas as different shows present different challenges,” he said.

Robinsons said he decided to give the upcoming local dancehall artists a time to shine and had therefore selected Sniper Storm, Guspy Warrior, Ricky Fyah and Jiggaz to share the stage with Mr Vegas. A new dancehall group, Final Warning will also share the stage with Mr Vegas.

Tickets to the show are already being sold at all Food World outlets and Kick Start. The tickets have been pegged at $10.

Meanwhile, there will be no VIP section as the organisers want all those who will attend the show to be on one dancefloor.

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