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‘Dead’ boy returns to haunt headman


DEMA — Marlon Chikoroondo (4), presumed dead in 2009, has allegedly “returned” to haunt Headman Ernest Nyamadzawo of Nyamadzawo Village, who subsequently stunned the community when he claimed the boy was still alive and being used for witchcraft activities.

The child’s father, William Chikoroondo, said Nyamadzawo approached them offering to have the boy returned and to pay reparations as the boy had become “too hot” for him.

“At the time he died, some elders in the village insisted there should not be any body viewing but we did not understand why,” he said.

He said Nyamadzawo confessed that he and a gang of other villagers were responsible for the mysterious deaths of over 21 children in the village, but none had given them sleepless nights like Marlon.

The child’s mother, Masylne Dongo, said she wanted her child back if he was indeed still alive. “I just want them to bring my child back since they have told me that he is giving them problems.”

The boy’s uncle, Washington Chikoroondo, said of the headman: “He also said he was prepared to compensate other victims who lost their children due to his witchcraft activities, once our case is resolved even if it meant losing all his 20 head of cattle.”

Although the investigating officer handling the case who was only identified as Sergeant Chipani confirmed dealing with the matter, he refused to give details.

The family has approached a well-known traditional healer in the area who has confirmed the child was alive and promised to come and retrieve him early next week.

When NewsDay arrived in the area, Nyamadzawo had reportedly gone to hospital after sustaining injuries from assault by angry villagers over the issue. He was not back by the end of the day.

Maxwell Nemhara, a close relative of Nyamadzawo, confirmed the beleaguered headman’s desire to have the child retrieved and the matter closed.

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