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Political violence rocks Zvishavane


ZVISHAVANE — Political violence has reared its ugly head again with the alleged brutal assault of MDC-T youth chairman in the Chauke ward.

According to the MDC-T Midlands South chairperson, Lillian Timivios, last Friday night a group of suspected Zanu PF supporters went to the home of Gerald Chinosunda in Chauke where he chairs the youth branch and accused him of promoting Western agendas in a Zanu PF stronghold.

The group of about five then started beating the youth chairman with booted feet and open hands all over the body. He sustained injuries in the back and had to be taken to hospital.

Timivios said she then mobised a group of youths from the party and drove to Chauke were they found one of the Zanu PF youth leaders enjoying a drink at a bar in the area.

“We effected a citizens’ arrest and handed him over to the police who detained him over the weekend. He was supposed to appear in court on Monday. Chinosunda was badly injured on his back owing to the assault,” she said.

Timivios said Chauke area had become very violent and there was need to bring Jomic to the area to preach peace and tolerance.

“We need to bring Jomic to that area. There have been serious reports of violence and intimidation in the area. I am however proud of myself as a leader who has preached peace in Midlands South and especially after handing a violent thug over to the police,” she said.

Midlands Police spokesperson Inspector Patrick Chademana refused to comment saying he did not trust the private media which he accused of selling information to foreign television stations, drawing bad publicity to both the police and the country.

However, court officials confirmed that a Zanu PF youth had been brought to court on charges of violence, but they had returned the docket to the police and asked them to bring it back with a medical affidavit.

“We have heard of that matter, but we are yet to open a record because when it first came it was not complete,” said an official who refused to be named.

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