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‘I killed Gaddafi’


Teenage rebel fighter Sanad al–Sadek al–Ureibi says he gunned down the hated toppled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, blasting him in the head and chest.

Ureibi, who revealed what happened in a video “confession”, said he shot Gaddafi because he was furious fighters from the port city of Misrata were trying to take him away with them. He said: “We grabbed him, I hit him in the face.

“Some fighters wanted to take him away and that’s when I shot him twice — in the head and in the chest.
“He did not die immediately. It took him half an hour.”

The footage of Ureibi, who allegedly killed the toppled tyrant in his hometown of Sirte, also has him showing off a bloody jacket and gold ring taken from Gaddafi.

It is engraved with the name of Gaddafi’s second wife Safia.

Libya was on Sunday officially declared free from 42 years of Gaddafi rule. Thousands of citizens were told Gaddafi had been consigned “to the bin of history” at an emotional ceremony in Benghazi, where Gaddafi’s death squads had attempted a large-scale massacre.

To huge cheers from the crowds, who were waving traditional Libyan flags, Minister of Martyrs Abdel Rahman al-Kabisi said of Gaddafi: “In a stroke of fate, you’ve been thrown into the bin of history. Go to hell.”

The ceremony came just three days after Gaddafi, who was 69, was summarily executed.

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