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Gwisai wanted Mugabe, Tsvangirai out


The trial of UZ law lecturer and International Socialist Organisation (ISO) general coordinator Munyaradzi Gwisai and his five co-accused continued yesterday with the court viewing video footage chronicling the events that led to the fall of deposed Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak.

The video footage clips were mainly from BBC and Al-Jazeera news networks.

The court was also shown two red cloth banners with inscriptions “The choice now is socialism” and “Marxism in the millennium MDC ndizvo” with a black clenched fist inscribed “ISO”.

According to detective sergeant Jonathan Shoko Gwisai and his co-accused had set March 1 as the date to allegedly start a revolution that would lead to the toppling of the inclusive government.

Shoko, who is alleged to have sneaked and attended ISO meeting under cover, said Gwisai did not only plot to topple President Robert Mugabe, but he also plotted the removal of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai whom he labelled a “stooge of the West”.

“He (Gwisai) said when we are talking about change; we are not implying the removal of Zanu PF so that the MDC-T would attain power.

He said they did not want Tsvangirai to attain power and lead the country nor Zanu PF and (President) Mugabe,” Shoko said.

“He said there was no difference between Tsvangirai and (President) Mugabe because Tsvangirai was a capitalist and a stooge of the West.

“He further said Tsvangirai would be a puppet ruler who would be handled by Western powers by usurping the country’s wealth and controlling the economy,” he added.

Shoko further told the court Gwisai said President Mugabe had failed the nation as the majority of Zimbabweans were languishing in poverty because of his capitalist approach.

He said socialism was the only and best solution for Zimbabwe.

Gwisai and his co-accused are alleged to have come up with a strategy of texting messages and emailing as a way of mobilising people to gather at Africa Unity Square where the alleged revolution was expected to start from.

The State is represented by Edmore Nyazamba and Michael Reza.

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