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Beware of fake stockfeeds


The Poultry Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) has warned poultry producers against buying stockfeeds from unregistered vendors and numerous hardware’s that have sprouted, as some of the feeds were fake.

PAZ president, Solomon Zawe said producers should do the right thing and not cut corners.

He said poultry producers should buy stockfeeds from properly registered companies like Agrifoods, National Foods, Pro-feeds and many other registered and reliable suppliers.

“We encourage poultry producers to practice the proper business ethics in order to avoid losses,” said Zawe.
He said they had not yet received complaints from PAZ membership yet, meaning that they were purchasing from licensed producers and suppliers.

“Buying stockfeeds from corners of streets and anonymous hardwares will have one ending up getting the wrong product,” said Zawe.

Agrifoods Pvt Ltd trade representative Roy Chipangura said the company had so far received a handful of complaints on stockfeeds not producing the desired results.

Chipangura said the complaints they had received were emanating from customers that would have purchased the feeds from vendors.

“We encourage farmers to buy feeds from the correct outlets to ensure good results,” said Chipangura
He said many poultry producers were quick to blame producers each time they encountered problems yet this could be a development not associated with producers.

“Famers should bring the feeds for re-examination if they feel the stockfeeds were not up to standard, but none have come forward so far,” said Chipangura.

Chipangura said farmers at times resorted to buying from vendors, who in most instances, sell at a cheaper price only to discover the products were fake.

“We have seen the Poultry Association of Zimbabwe conducting awareness programmes to educate poultry producers to be aware of such things,” he said.

“The company continues to educate our valued customers to come to our outlets to purchase their stockfeeds.”

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