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Losers are dangerous — Tsvangirai


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has admitted the difficulty of sharing political power with losers whom he described as dangerous, guided by selfish interests and with a tendency of ganging up against the winner.

In his memoirs, At the Deep End, Tsvangirai said he has had endless difficulties sharing power with President Robert Mugabe and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara in the inclusive government.

Tsvangirai said losers were guided by selfish interests as they were desperate to rebrand.

“When power is shared between a winner and two losers, those without the people’s mandate are always guided by self-interest and tend to gang up against the winner. Losers want more time for rebranding and can be very dangerous,” he said.

“Peace and national security must reflect the changed expectations of all citizens, national institutions and State organs in a plural political system. (President) Mugabe nodded in agreement when I said this, but continued to act in a manner that ran contrary and that was difficult to understand.”

Tsvangirai said Zimbabweans had remained focused in spite of challenges and should remain vigilant in the home stretch.

“As Zimbabweans toiled with the heavy baggage of their past up a rocky and steep mountain slope, I was happy to note they remained focused on their dream of arriving at a rich, secure and lush valley on the other side. Now that together we are on the last long haul, we still need to maintain our vigilance,” Tsvangirai wrote in his memoirs.

“A political transition, as an interval between chaos and order, is generally a period of uncertainty; it offers saboteurs an opportunity to try out all forms of tricks to maintain the turmoil.”

The Premier said a post-conflict transition must be experienced only once in a person’s political lifetime and power-sharing agreements hardly resolved conflicts in a holistic way because of unending suspicions and hatred between former competitors.

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