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Mixed feelings over Gaddafi killing


Zimbabweans yesterday expressed mixed feelings over the killing of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Some described his death as a historic achievement that should be seen as a lesson to dictators who hang on to power, despite cries for change from the people they govern.

Others however said the killing of Gaddafi was inhuman and deserved condemnation from the progressive world.

In a survey by NewsDay, this is what some had to say:

Blessing Mushore (Harare businessman): To be open, he deserved it. He was a coward and cruel leader to his own people.

He treated his countrymen and women like slaves. If it was me who had captured him, I would have done much worse.

Tinashe Seve (Harare resident): I personally feel sorry about his demise. In my view he was a good leader but should have left power in time. He could have saved lives by so doing. All leaders must take heed if people no longer want your leadership, just vacate.

Fungai Tsiga (Harare citizen): Though we never celebrate death, I feel the man was just hot-headed. Had he relinquished power in time, he would have saved not just his own life, but that of many others who died because of his unreasonable resistance.

Charles Bvuma (entrepreneur): It’s not good, it’s not human, it’s not Godly. We should not celebrate anyone’s death. An eye for an eye makes everyone blind. He had his weaknesses like anyone else. They won the war and now why kill him?

Clotilda Gova (office worker): We should not celebrate death. His death will benefit no one. I feel it was not the right way to resolve the Libyan crisis.

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