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Zanu PF handing victory to MDC-T on silver platter


There is no question about it, Zanu PF will lose to the MDC-T in a free and fair election if it does not listen to the voice of reason.

This is reality. One only needs to read the mood on the ground. And, it’s not about the MDC-T being any better option, in any event. There is no basis for suggesting that it is, but it’s about the people feeling shortchanged.

People are getting more and more tired of a regimental approach to politics. They want to live normal lives without being threatened by political thugs and gangs like rogue youths from any political party, war veterans, and the so-called Chipangano, if it really exists, or is it just another rogue outfit masquerading as the once feared Chipangano.

People appreciate that Zanu PF, among others, fought the armed struggle that brought about independence, but that is not to say that they are prepared to surrender their right to self-determination and their destiny to the revolutionary party.

The “we fought the war of liberation, therefore we will rule forever” and “what the gun and the bullet brought cannot be taken away by the pen and the ballot” mantras are arrogant statements in the extreme, and do not resonate with the people anymore. Just look around. While the war of liberation was a high point, and a national effort, Zanu PF’s attempt to privatise and arrogate the victory of the people’s struggle solely to itself is offensive to the people and history in the extreme.

So, Zanu PF is not simply pitting itself against the MDC-T and other parties, but against the people as well on account of its lack of humility.

How can a party wipe away all the contribution made by others and arrogate to itself the success of a long,

protracted and arduous struggle that spanned 90 years, however important the role it may have played?
Arrogance has never been an endearing attribute and by such misguided behaviour, Zanu PF is handing over victory on a silver platter to the MDC-T.

The people of Zimbabwe are peace-loving and desirous of getting on with their normal lives without constant political intrusion. They have endured seeing their homes razed in the Operation Murambatsvina (Clean-Up) debacle, which destroyed the lives of thousands; they had all their savings, pensions and insurance investments completely decimated by sheer lack of intellect in governance; they saw their country turned into a war-zone in 2008 and many killed and maimed and their electoral wish overturned and yet they did not revolt, opting, instead, for an opportunity to consign Zanu PF to the cobwebs of history.

Why a party which previously occupied such high moral ground and whose name was such a viable brand would squander all that, just boggles the mind.

By refusing to listen to the people and opting instead to dictate to them, Zanu PF will pay a heavy toll in the next election. The party just has to be careful.
Its renewal failure is another factor which will hammer the last nail into its coffin.

Lest we forget, many grew up in Zanu PF and this is not the time for the party to turn its back on good advice.

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