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Msipa lashes out at Budget committee


GWERU — Former Midlands governor and Zanu PF politburo member Cephas Msipa has taken a swipe at the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance for not taking people seriously in the ongoing Budget consultative meetings through poor communication of venues and notices.

Msipa made the remarks in Gweru on Wednesday where an estimated 80 residents attended the committee’s public hearing.

“First of all, I would like to air my disappointment at the manner in which you advertised this meeting. Most people here in Gweru did not know that the meeting was here at Gweru theatre. Moreover, some of the few who came here are not sure what the meeting is for,” said Msipa.

“It is unfortunate that as the portfolio committee you did not do your homework well prior to this meeting. Can you honestly say the few people who are here represent Gweru?”

Msipa said the two hours allocated to the public hearings were Inadequate as they fell short of capturing people’s concerns. He suggested that in future such consultations should take at least a day.

“We are discussing important issues on the Budget and as MPs and as government you should take our people seriously. It is quite unrealistic that today in the morning, you were in Gokwe, now you are here in Gweru, tomorrow in Bulawayo. Don’t just do these consultations as a formality,” said Msipa.

Turning to the issue of unemployment, Msipa said it was disheartening that the majority of young Zimbabweans were outside the country doing menial jobs and being treated disrespectfully as foreigners because there was not enough formal employment in the country.

“Resuscitate industries and create jobs for our young people so that they don’t sell their skills and talent for a song outside the country,” he said.

Msipa implored the government to revive all industries in the country and not concentrate on specific regions.
He said: “We hear that money has been injected to breathe life to Bulawayo industries. What about the Midlands? Is it about rewarding those that talk the most? If that is so, then as the Midlands people we will go on top of mountains for our voices to be heard.”

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