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Diasporans demand voting rights


With Zimbabwe’s political atmosphere already charging up following recent calls for elections early next year, Diasporans have once again renewed their campaign to be accorded the right to participate in the forthcoming polls.

In a petition posted on the petitions website, gopetition.com, titled “Zimbabwe Diaspora Vote Now”, sponsored by the Zimbabwean Diaspora Vote Campaign, several foreign-based Zimbabweans called on government to grant them the right to vote from their host countries.

By yesterday afternoon, over 53 Zimbabweans across the world had signed the petition posted on October 13 2011.

In the petition, the foreign-based nationals said since 1980 millions of Zimbabweans had fled the country due to political persecution and economic deprivation.

One of the postings read: “They have sought refuge in foreign countries that have been kind enough to accept them. The Zimbabwe government continues to deny its Diaspora citizens their unalienable right to vote.”

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