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Wendall to assist jiggers patients in Kenya


Big Brother Amplified (BBA) winner Wendall Parson will leave the country for Kenya today where he will assist in raising awareness on jiggers (chiggers, chigoe), a sand flea which has caused infections to many in Kenya.

He was invited to Kenya by fellow housemate Millicent on behalf of the anti-jiggers campaign. Wendall said they were going to be joined by other BBA housemates including Confidence, Nic, Felicia, Miss P, Zeus, Bernadina and Danny.

The housemates will all assist in creating awareness of the disease and also try and source funds locally to assist infected people.

“We will go to the various rural areas and urge people to sanitise, fumigate their homes and find ways of preventing the infection since prevention is better than cure,” he said.

The major cause of jiggers is poor hygienic conditions. The sand flea is normally found in the sandy terrain of warm, dry climates and it prefers deserts, beaches, stables, stock farms and the soil and dust close to farms. Because the flea is a poor jumper, most lesions occur on the feet, often on the soles, the toe webs, and around or under the toenails.

Effects of the attack include the inability to walk easily due to the pain in the affected areas of the legs and low self-esteem from the stigmatisation.

Wendall said they would have a Press conference in Kenya today about the jiggers infection. The Press conference will coincide with the Kenyan Heroes Day celebrations.

On Friday, they will pay a courtesy call to Kenyan government officials followed by a visit to the anti-jiggers medical camp on Saturday.

Also, a red carpet event will be hosted for Wendall on Saturday before he returns home on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Wendall says he is still the same person after winning the reality show. He says he has not spent a cent from the $200 000 he received for winning the BBA show.

“Nothing has changed. I have not spent a single cent from the money Biggie gave me and I am not planning to spend it any time soon as I am taking my time to think about what I want to do with it,” he said.

Gillian Jackson, Wendall’s mother-cum-manager confirmed that Wendall had not yet used his money but instead offered it to her.

“When Wendall’s money was deposited into his bank account, he told me he wanted to give it to me and I declined telling him to save it and use it for what he desires,” she said.

She added that Wendall had plans to take their family out for a family holiday trip, an offer the family has accepted.

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