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Kireni Zulu to publish Shona novel


Popular musician Kireni Zulu is set to publish his first Shona novel titled Chisi Hachieri Musi Wacharimwa.
The novel is expected to be on the local shelves next month.

Zulu, popularly known as the King of Marabi, started writing the transcript in 1988.

He sent it to Literature Bureau in 1989 and the book stayed there for three years.

Unfortunately the company shut down and the novel failed to see the light of the day.

Zulu started editing the novel in 1992 until April last year when he sent the copy to College Press.

In September last year, College Press commissioned Zulu’s novel, but the company had no money to publish it.
In an interview Zulu confirmed that his novel would be on the shelves as soon as the printing was completed.

“It’s true, I wrote a novel titled Chisi Hachieri Musi Wacharimwa and readers must expect it starting from next month.

“I started writing it in 1988 and sent it to Literature Bureau in 1989, but the company shut down before it was published.

“I was disappointed, but since it is my dream to publish novels, I started working on the novel again in 1992 till last year when I sent it to College Press.

“The novel has been approved by College Press, but they said they had no money to publish it.

“I have been and am still sourcing funds for the last process and I believe very soon the book will be in bookshops,” he said.

Chisi Hachieri Musi Wacharimwa, a 130-page novel was also approved by College Press as a Shona literature set book.

“The College Press also approved my novel as ideal for use in schools as a literature set book,” said Zulu.
Kireni said he also has written nine other Shona novels which remain unpublished.

“I have nine Shona novels which are yet to be published which include Ramangwana, Miromo Yevakuru and Nyoka Yapinda Mumba to mention just a few,” he said.

Meanwhile, the marabi musician high with his latest offering Vhura Chivharo has started acting.
Zulu, who has gone the Safirio Madzikatire aka Mukadota way, is thrilling crowds during his live shows with his theatrical skills.

Together with Marabi Queens, Zulu switches from music to drama during breaks where he leaves many in stitches with his slapstick humour.

Zulu said he tended more towards acting than music.
“I am more of an actor than a musician.

“I have resorted to acting during live shows because I want to give my revellers value for their money.

“During the breaks, there will be no music by the DJs, but we do theatre for the crowd, just like Mukadota used to perform drama after a musical performance.
Zulu, however, said it was not his intention to feature on local television.

“For the meantime I am acting on stage only, whether I am going to air the drama later on is another story,” he said.

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