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Police ban kombi roof carriers


Police have said roof carriers on commuter omnibuses have been banned and they will impound commuter omnibuses that are found with the roof racks.

National Traffic Police spokesperson Inspector Tigere Chigome said police had realised overloading on kombi roof racks was a major contributor to road accidents.

“The roof racks that are being mounted on commuter omnibus are not supposed to be there,” said Chigome.

“When they import their vehicles into the country they do not have those roof racks and when they take them to the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) they would not be having those roof racks, but as soon as they leave the VID they mount the roof racks,” Chigome said.

Chigome urged commuter omnibus operators to use trailers should they decide to transport luggage.

“If we come across those that will be carrying luggage on top of their roofs we shall impound those vehicles and take them to the VID. This is not going to be like an operation, but this will be an everyday operation until we bring sanity to our roads,” he said.

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