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Kawara launches new album


Alexio Kawara launches a new album titled Tose at Crowne Plaza tonight.

Tose, Kawara’s fifth release, comes with a degree of maturity as the artiste is mastering use of live instruments.

The instrumentation somehow thrusts the album onto the list of refreshing jazz pieces one stumbles upon in Zimbabwe.

What should be commended are the backing vocals which have proven to be very stable although one would have wanted the artiste to do more as far as vocal projection is concerned.

Instead he takes a more laid-back approach on the leading vocals.

Nonetheless he is complemented by the exquisite instrumentation put up by an energetic youthful outfit.

The 13-track album is also infested with Afro-fusions particularly on track number three titled Chinyanye which is based on an anecdote that various people can relate to.

Similarly track number five, which is the title track, opens with a popular child’s play ditty when they sing Tinotsvaga Mawonde drawing a lesson of unity from the play.

The album is certainly filled with surprises and a refreshing sound. Maybe it is because he has taken too long to release a new album.

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