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New album for ex-Vabati vaJehova member


Former apostolic band, Vabati VaJehova member, Samson Tavengwa, who is also a bishop in the Simbaravapostori sect, recently released his second gospel a cappella eight track album titled, Mwenje (Shining Light).

Tavengwa’s latest album is a well-coordinated musical offering which he produced together with his new band called Vabati VaJesu, made up of 13 members eight of whom 10 are male while three are females.

His music is no doubt similar to that of his former band Vabati VaJehova and has catchy songs including Pindirayi Samatenga, Mwenje, I Will Go Alone, Mufaro and Kushandira Kupona amongst others.

“My music will always be similar to that of my former band because they are still my brothers. The only reason I left was to create more similar channels to lure people to God,” said Tavengwa.

He said he was born a singer and his main aim was preaching, praising and worshipping God through his music, which he totally enjoyed.

Tavengwa became popular while he was still with his former band with which he wrote some of his creative songs like the popular Anouya Chete, Huya Uzosunungura Mweya Wangu, Mabasa and Vagoni Vazvo amongst others.

“My current release is totally different from my first album, Samuel Urikudanwa, but somehow I give them both the same ratings as they are both enjoyable in their own unique ways,” he said.

He said all his albums contained important messages based on the Word of God and he was somehow fascinated by his own music.

Tavengwa said they were currently working on a DVD which would be released soon with a compilation of eight tracks taken from both their two albums.

“People can expect a musical journey with my band because we are definitely planning on producing more albums and videos to promote our type of music as a way of spreading the Word of God,” he said.

Tavengwa said he hoped that more groups like his current band and his former would be formed nationwide so that it would be easier to reach out to as many souls as possible.

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