Machete attack victim gives birth


A Raffingora woman, victim of a machete horror attack who lost a thumb and was badly cut all over her body when her husband, Last Chihoto, assaulted her while she was pregnant four months ago, has given birth to a baby boy.

Anita Pikweli (28), who still has ugly scars and a missing thumb to remind her of the horror attack, still complains of severe headaches and intermittent memory loss.

Pikweli told NewsDay at the weekend although her wounds had healed, the attack had left her traumatised and disabled.

She said she no longer could work for herself to fend for her new baby whose father is in remand prison, facing attempted murder charges.

“I can no longer carry a bucket on my head and I can’t do what I used to do at the market because of the injuries. But I thank God for the baby. I didn’t know I would pull through as I was in pain,” she said.

“I am now like a father and mother at the same time, so it’s difficult for me, but with God I will pull through,” she said.

Pikweli named the baby Tawananyasha, which she translated to mean it was through God’s grace that she gave birth under difficult circumstances.

“I forgave him (her husband), but I can’t stay together with him as husband and wife. I find it difficult to tell my baby that your father chopped off my thumb and wanted to kill me. I have no hard feelings, but I rule out staying together with him again as a couple,” she said.

In an earlier interview soon after the July 1 horror attack, Pikweli said she was convinced her husband wanted to kill her.

She said she was in the company of friends coming from a funeral in their neighbourhood in the evening, when they met Chihoto and had a brief amicable chat before he proceeded home where she later followed after parting with her friends.

When she arrived home, Pikweli said she was shocked to find her husband breathing fire, accusing her of being a woman of loose morals.

Without giving her any chance to respond, he allegedly unleashed a heavy blow on her and she fell to the ground.

Pikweli said her husband then picked up a machete and struck her on the head before she fell unconscious.

She said she only regained consciousness to find she was in hospital without her right thumb and with several deep cuts on the head and left leg.