‘Devolution of power will emancipate women’


Director of Women’s Trust Precious Gombera has urged government to consider adoption of devolution of power as a governance style to enhance women emancipation and participation in national politics.

Gombera made the remarks during a women’s discussion forum organised by Bulawayo Agenda at Entumbane Hall last week.

She said devolution of power to provinces and other levels of government structures would ensure women assumed positions of authority and actively participate in the development of their respective regions.

“By assuming decision-making positions through the devolution process, women’s voices would be heard from local to national levels and this would be an enabling step towards their emancipation,” she said.

Gombera said devolution was important for the gender balancing instruments which Zimbabwe was signatory to and must be ratified and domesticated so that women were empowered.

“Zimbabwe is signatory to many instruments which guarantee gender balance in the Constitution but has ratified only a few. We want women to be in positions of power so that they push for the ratification and domestication of these instruments and devolution would assist in making this happen.”

She encouraged women to use their numerical advantage and support each other during elections.

“Since women are 52% of the population, they should not lose any election. They just have to support and vote for each other in the next election so that they win and have their voices heard in Parliament,” she said.

Pumula MP Albert Mhlanga concurred, adding: “Devolution of power from the existing male-dominated system to place women in the forefront will make sure their voices are heard and would be a big step towards their emancipation.”