Zimra mum on Green Fuel licence


The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has remained tightlipped on the issuance of a trading licence to enable Green Fuel to sell ethanol produced at its Chisumbanje plant.

Production at the $600 million dollar ground to halt last week as the company could not continue producing its storage tanks having been filled to capacity.

The company which produces 120 000 litres of ethanol per day is holding on to two million litres at its plant in Chisumbanje.

In an emailed response to inquiries from NewsDay, Zimra’s legal and corporate services director Florence Jambwa, said the company was unable to comment on the matter.

“I acknowledge receipt of your email wherein you enquired the progress made in processing the trading licence for Green Fuel in Chisumbanje,” Jambwa said.

“I wish to advise that we are unable to comment on this matter or any other information relating to clients that we deal with. To buttress this point, I wish to draw your attention to the Revenue Authority Act (chapter 23:11), in particular section 34A which deals with preservation of secrecy.”

She added the Act barred any person employed in carrying out the provisions of this Act, or authorised to receive payment of any revenues in terms of any of the Acts specified in the first schedule, or examines records under the control or in the custody of the commissioner-general in terms of the laws relating to the collection and custody of public moneys and the audit of public accounts, to comment.

“No person referred to in subsection 1 shall except in the exercise of his functions under this Act, or unless he is required to do so by order of a competent court, communicate information coming to his knowledge in the exercise of his functions to any person,” said Jambwa.

“To this end, I hope and trust that you appreciate that you or your newspaper are not listed as any of the persons juristic or otherwise to whom the representatives of the authority are lawfully allowed or obliged to disclose information regarding its clients’ information.”
Green Fuel applied for a trading licence from Zimra in August.

The plant is expected to produce more than 18 megawatts of electricity and produce billions of litres of ethanol that would reduce fuel imports for the country.