Style Made Simple: Colour blocking


The art of colour blocking with different colours is to either choose a colour and a complementary neutral or to choose two colours of similar strength (intensity or saturation of the colour and the undertone warmth or coolness).

Colour blocking is all about using lots of colours, different colours in your outfits. It’s all about the mixing and not the matching.

Spin the colour wheel and pick at random as clashing colours are no longer a fashion crime.

The whole point of colour blocking is to spat chunks of colour you never thought you could be seen in.

Many celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and Michelle Obama have ditched the monotony of “matching” colours this season and stepped out with blocks of colours in small cuts.

For men, Angola’s Cabo Snoop of Windeck fame shows off his colour blocking style in the video of the song. But be warned, wearing one of the biggest fashion trends of 2011 is not as easy as it looks.

Get your colour combinations right — To nail this fashion trend perfectly, choose the right combination of colours for maximum impact.

Block colours that work well together such as pink and purple, orange and blue, red and pink or cobalt blue and red.

The brighter the better — If you are colour blocking from head to toe, make sure the block colours are as bright as possible. Pale colours and pastel shades will look too half-hearted, no matter how much they clash.

Invest in coloured jeans — A bright pair of jeans is essential for colour blocking fashion.

Mix up fabrics —To avoid looking like you are off to a rave, choose rich fabrics such as silk, satin and taffeta in bright colours. They add a splash of luxury to your look and give the bright block colours an even more sumptuous feel.

Colour blocking without colour clashing — If you don’t feel brave enough to clash your colours, you can still wear the colour blocking fashion trend by wearing one vibrant shade from top to bottom eg, wear a long dress in sunshine yellow, eye-popping pink or bright red.

Tone the look down with a simple white T-shirt — Brightly coloured trousers can be offset with a simple cotton white T-shirt.

Add pops of colour with accessories – The easiest way to wear the colour blocking fashion trend is to add an accessory or two in eye-popping colours.

A bright pink clutch bag, a pair of neon yellow shoes, a vivid blue bangle or orange belt is all you need to bring an understated outfit up to date this summer.

Belts are upgraded in brighter colours and more intricate detailing. A waist-clinching belt is great this summer.

Mix bright colours with light hues – A simple way to tone the look down is by wearing one brightly coloured piece and keeping the rest of the outfit muted by wearing neutral shades.

Wear brightly coloured stripes — Invest in a dress with vivid coloured stripes, team with nude heels/wedges.

Keep the look suitable for work — Many high street collections feature eye-catching suits that embrace colour blocking without sacrificing smartness.

Until next week. Stay fabulous.