Ministers queue to bootlick Mugabe


Zanu PF ministers yesterday fell over each other in an open scramble to bootlick President Robert Mugabe, showering him with all sorts of praise names such as “Biblical Moses” and “Angel Gabriel”.

Speaking during the official launch of the Mhondoro-Ngezi-Zvimba Community Share Ownership Trust at Zimplats, Mashonaland West Governor and Resident Minister Faber Chidarikire was the first to hero-worship President Mugabe.

“You are our Biblical Moses,” Chidarikire said. “The people of Zimbabwe will forever cherish having you as their leader who led them out of the wilderness.”

Not to be outdone, Saviour Kasukuwere, the Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment, went a notch higher, likening President Mugabe to God’s “Angel Gabriel”.

“I always prefer to refer to President Mugabe as our Angel Gabriel from the Bible, sent by God to the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Earlier this year, other Zanu PF bigwigs, including Media, Information and Publicity minister Webster Shamu and party chairman Simon Khaya Moyo, went into bootlicking overdrive. Shamu said President Mugabe was feared the world over because of his intelligence and was like Cremora (a popular milk brand).
“Gushungo, people say you have

Cremora, the whole body. The war the world over, President is about you. They fear you and that is why they are doing all this,” Shamu said.

“There is no president the world over who has degrees like President Mugabe. He is brainy and that’s why he is feared. You fought the liberation struggle for a long time and you should also rule for as long as you want,” he crooned.

Khaya Moyo weighed in with his nicely-choreographed oration, describing the 87-year-old leader as a liberator of unparalleled proportions “who God should keep for a long time to rule Zimbabwe”.

“His Excellency you are a liberator of unparallel audacity. You are a useful and amazing leader and we pray to God to make you stronger and continue to lead us from the front,” he said.

After all the hero worshipping President Mugabe told Zimplats managers the $10 million they offered for community development was too little and should be multiplied tenfold.

He said Government was not satisfied with the $10 million facility that was advanced by the Zimplats Holdings Limited towards Zimplats community Share Ownership Trust for the trust project operations.

The country expected much more from Zimplats because the company has been benefiting from Zimbabwe for so many years, he said.

“I don’t know whether you were given enough notice but a huge donation had been expected. Ten times ten. Even my mum knew what ten x ten was,” President Mugabe said before loudly counting from one to ten.

Zimplats chairperson, David Brown said the board had agreed to fund the operations of the trust to the tune of $10 million, over a three year period.

“The first tranche of the money will be in the sum of $3 million and will be made available to the trust as soon as the trust is operational,” said Brown.

The Zimplats Community Share Ownership Trust will aquire a 10% shareholding in the company becoming a significant shareholder. It is meant to benefit the people of the Mhondoro-Ngezi, Chegutu and Zvimba District, the President’s rural home.

Zimplats almost lost its licence after it busted the September 25 deadline to comply with the indigenisation law. However, Zimplats and the relevant ministry later came to an agreement.