Man orders son to kill girl (9)


MUTOKO – In a spine-chilling murder case, a 56-year old Mutoko businessman allegedly ordered his 16-year-old son to kill a 9-year-old girl and retrieve her brains to enhance the family’s grinding mill enterprise.

The teenager is said to have sexually abused his victim first before allegedly striking her with stones and dumped her body in a bush area near a river.

According to the boy’s statement to police, his father Andrew Totama, allegedly threatened him with a 303 riffle and ordered him to carry out the murder after promising him a grinding mill if their business was to prosper.

The State alleges the tragic incident took place on September 14 this year at Matedza business Center in Mutoko when Totama allegedly sent his son to murder the girl.

It is alleged on the day in question, Totama sent his son to buy diesel for their grinding mill and instructed him to bring a girl’s blood and brains for use in the business.

The boy is said to have left home and proceeded to the Business Center and along the way he ment Progress Nyakabawu who was on her way home from school.

It is alleged the boy grabbed the girl by the neck, fell her and forcibly removed her panties and raped her once.

Nyakabawu reportedly cried for help and the teenager allgedly gagged her mouth with sand after which he picked up stones and attacked her until she fell unconscious.

The boy then allegedly carried the girl and dumped her body in a bushy near a river before proceeding to the business center where he allegedly bought the diesel.

On his way home the teenager is alleged to have returned to where he had dumped the body,collected blood and brains as instructed by his father and took them to him.

Totama is then alleged to have proceeded to a traditional healer with the blood and brains.

However, it was not made clear in State papers how the matter came to light leading to the arrest of Totama and his son.

The businessman was jointly charged with his son when he appeared before Mutoko resident magistrate,Reuben Mukavi on a charge of murder on Monday this week and were both not asked to plead

They were remanded to October 25 and were advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Justine Milanzi appeared for the State.