Grandparents appeal for Given’s return


Grandparents to Given Flint Matapure, the three-year-old boy who disappeared on August 22 at the Harare Agricultural Show, have joined in the appeal to whoever abducted the child to return him to his family.

The two grandparents, Faustina Kapamurandu from the mother’s side and Anna Matapure from the father’s side, tearfully told NewsDay that all was not the same since the disappearance of Given while enjoying a ride in an electric motor toy. Given, a child from number 125 Shortstone Road, Waterfalls in Harare, has not been found since he disappeared in August.

Both of them said since the disappearance of the child, they had come to Harare in solidarity with their children, Given’s parents, who had been severely traumatised by the child’s disappearance.

Kapamurandu said some of her grandchildren in Mutoko were also traumatised by Given’s disappearance and often asked when he would come back to play with them, saying he was taken by bad people.

“Given was a flower from God to the family and when his mother phoned me to say he had gone missing my body shook with pain,” said Kapamurandu.

“To those who took the child, please bring him back, we want to see him alive and we will never get rest until he is found. We are also willing to pay anything for the child,” she said.

Matapure, who is the mother to Given’s father, said she had to travel all the way from Nyamweda village in Mhondoro to join the family in their search for Given.

“We are so traumatised. It is not good for a child to stay with people he does not know. The other grandchildren are always praying to God that one day He would bring back Given,” said Matapure.

The two grandparents said they would be in Harare till Given was found.