Comment: Delay in Mujuru probe results stinks


The deliberate delay in releasing results of the investigations into the death of Retired General Solomon Mujuru stinks.

Speculation is rife regarding the death of Mujuru, with theories as absurd as claims that the veteran former guerilla and renowned soldier died in a fire ignited by a candle while he was asleep.

Cops say they have finished investigations and their findings are ready for release but there are “procedures” to be followed.

It is almost two months now after the mysterious death of the Retired General and police, with instructions from whoever is powerful enough to gag them, are keeping their findings under wraps.

This naturally raises suspicion that the General’s death might not have been an accident triggered by a small, burning candle.

After all, if it was a mere accident, why would it take the police so long to announce it? If we rule out the accident theory, then we can safely conclude this was murder — a gruesome murder where someone deliberately burned the Retired General’s body to ashes.

And the murderer or the architect of the murder is someone so powerful that he or she can whip the whole police force and investigating team into deafening silence.

General Mujuru was no ordinary person — he was a national figure and Zimbabweans have the right to know what led to the tragic death of their hero.

If there are culprits involved in his death, the nation wants to see them facing the wrath of the law. But so far, nothing has been made clear.

The nation is relying on media reports, hearsay, lies, half- truths and half-lies among other things, while those who know the truth seem to be fighting hard to keep the lid on it.

We cannot buy the lame excuse about procedures; it makes us smell a rat.

Who is keeping the report for such an unnecessarily long time and what makes the nation confident that the report is not being tampered with?

Before and after independence, there have been mysterious deaths of high-ranking politicians that have gone unexplained and the nation fears the mysterious death of General Mujuru could also fall into this category.

It seems as if someone, a very powerful someone, wants the truth to die a natural death.

It is very clear that people were not gullible enough to buy the candle theory and the delay makes us suspicious that someone may be cooking up a new theory divorced from what actually took place on that tragic night.

Or is it that the murderer, if there is one, is one of the most powerful persons in this country that no one dares raise a finger against him or her even though there are enough facts to nail the culprit?

There have been suspected political assassinations before, but none have been as gruesome as the General’s death.

For the cops to hide behind procedures makes us even more suspicious. The probe results must be released unadulterated, period.