ZNCC, Enterprise Mauritius sign MoU


The Zimbabwe National Chamber of commerce (ZNCC) and Enterprise Mauritius have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) seeking to enhance and promote information exchange, exhibitions, skills transfer, market collaboration and government to government interface.

ZNCC president Oswell Bimha said the MoU will stand as a buffer business will fall back on.

“There is need to come up with continuous engagement between Zimbabwe and Mauritius for the transformation of the two countries,” said Bimha.

He said the buyers and sellers meeting provided a platform to interact and identify sources of goods and services.

The Mauritian delegation comprises of business people from textile and clothing, agro and food-processing industries, Press, printing and labeling, footwear, light engineering, bio-fertilisers among other sectors.

Bimha assured the visiting delegations there were vast opportunities in these sectors for those interested in buying from and selling to Zimbabwe.

Mauritius Industry and Commerce and Consumer Protection minister Cade Sayed-Hossen said the buyers-sellers’ meeting came at an opportune time for the two countries to consolidate bilateral economic relations.

He said Enterprise Mauritius brought 20 entrepreneurs to showcase the savoir-faire of Mauritius and to discuss all forms of collaboration with Zimbabwean entrepreneurs.

“Mauritius and Zimbabwe have seen it fitting that we strengthen our bilateral relations, on one hand and reinforce the integration of our region,” said Hossen.