You’ll be jailed — Court warns Kunonga bishops

The High Court of Zimbabwe has granted a provisional order against Elson Jakazi, the ex-communicated ex-bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland “to restore possession and control and use of the All Saints Zimunya Church” to the Chad Gandiya-led Anglican church failure which he will go to jail.

In the judgment, Case Number HC9664/11, Justice Tendai Uchena said Elson Madoda Jakazi, Reverend Bernard Maupa, Reverend Vusimuzi Ndlovu and Reverend Katanga as first, third, fourth and fifth respondents, shall be “forthwith incarcerated in Chikurubi Maximum Prison for 90 continuous days” if they defy this provisional order.

The bishops who belong to the Nolbert Kunonga faction of the Anglican Church have also been ordered to pay all legal costs.

The provisional order was issued at the High Court following an application by the CPCA in Manicaland where they sought an order “to restore possession and control and use of the All Saints Zimunya Church.”

The CPCA was represented by the Bishop, Julius Makoni, the Board of Trustees of Manicaland Diocese and Musiwa Mwashita, a church member at All Saints Zimunya as applicants.

Meanwhile, the High Court in Harare has ordered the reinstatement of staff members who had been evicted from Daramombe High School, Primary School and Clinic by Kunonga.

Justice Chinembiri Bhunu said in his judgment yesterday: “The first and second respondents (Bishop Nolbert Kunonga and Bishop Kunyanye) be and are hereby ordered to stay eviction of all staff at Daramombe High School and Primary School pending determination of the final order…The first and second respondents shall not interfere with the respective staff operation at Daramombe High School, Primary School and Clinic.

“Any of the staff members who may habe been removed to be reinstated in their previous occupation and workstations pending determination of the final order.”

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