Prosecutor sets thieves free


Mount Darwin prosecutor-in-charge, Shingirai Nyengera, allegedly facilitated the release of two suspects facing allegations of theft of $7 695 and caused the disappearance of the duo’s court papers.

Nyengera, who was based at Mount Darwin magistrate Court, was on duty on September 8 last year when two suspects, Nichodimus Dzutiro and Selemani Manweki, were brought by police for vetting.
It is alleged after vetting the docket, he facilitated opening of a court record book number 1124-5/10, in respect of Dzutiro and Manweki.

But instead of facilitating the trial of the suspects, Nyengera allegedly instructed his subordinate, Jack Chirimuta, to withdraw the charge against the two on the basis that the case could proceed by way of summons.

Chirimuta is said to have withdrawn the case before magistrate Getrude Mayenyoso, leading to Dzutiro and Manweki’s release.

After the two suspects were released, Nyengera is said to have instructed police to arrest two other suspects, Erason Banda and Ben Gurure, in respect of the same matter.

Banda and Gurure were arrested and the docket was referred back to court where it was allegedly received and signed for by Nyengera.

It is alleged Nyengera concealed the docket and the matter failed to proceed to trial.

Nyengera’s alleged tampering with the wheels of justice was later discovered, leading to his arrest and appearance before the court.

He pleaded not guilty to a charge of criminal abuse of duty as a public officer when he appeared before regional magistrate Estere Chivasa, in Harare yesterday.

Obi Mabahwana prosecuted.