Mr Vegas Zimbabwe-bound


Jamaican dancehall star, Mr Vegas (real name Clifford Smith) is set to perform in Zimbabwe for the first time on November 4 at the Glamis Arena in Harare.

C&A Entertainment — organisers of the event, who also successfully hosted the Elephant and Sean Kingston gigs — said Mr Vegas would perform with a live band.

“After noticing that Zimbabweans do not like being given half-baked cakes, we have decided to host a show for them where the artist will be performing with a live band,” said Clint Robinson, one of the organisers.

Robinson said bringing in a live band to Zimbabwe was expensive, but worth it.

“The truth is bringing a live band to the country is not cheap at all, but I need to give people what they want because this is a people’s concert.”

He added that Mr Vegas was expected in the country on November 2 and is set to leave on November 5.

His band will arrive on November 3.
In an interview with NewsDay from his Jamaica base, Mr Vegas said he could not wait to come to Zimbabwe.

“I have heard so much about the country and I really want to experience what other reggae artists experienced. I believe that Zimbabwe is the central hub of all dancehall artists right now,” he said.

He requested to be recorded from the minute he lands in the country till he departs and asked for the ladies to attend his show.

Mr Vegas was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1974. He kicked off his music career by singing covers of Jamaican hits at local parties and shows.

He then found fame in 1998 with his hit tracks including, Yu Sure, Jack It Up and Latest News. He went on to release his debut album Heads High in 1998. His other hits include Can’t Stop Now, Mix Up Peggy and Wanna See You Move.

Robinson said he decided to give the upcoming local dancehall artists a chance to shine and had shortlisted Sniper, Guspy Warrior, Templeman and Jiggaz to share the stage with Mr Vegas.

Tickets to the show will be available at all Food World outlets from next week Tuesday.