MDC-T youths in hiding


The MDC-T party claims some of their youths who were hospitalised after they were allegedly assaulted by the infamous Chipangano group last Friday have since gone into hiding after they were discharged from hospital.

The youths were waylaid and assaulted after protesting against the arrest of their leader Solomon Madzore at Harare Magistrates’ Court. Madzore, together with 26 other party activists, is accused of the murder of a police officer in Glen View in May this year.

MDC-T youth league spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo who accuses Zanu PF provincial youth chairman Jimu Kunaka of engineering the violence against MDC-T supporters, said some of those hospitalised had been discharged, but were afraid to go back to their homes.

“Some of those who were assaulted have been discharged from hospital, but they have not gone back home because they fear for their lives. These Zanu PF thugs are very dangerous people and we cannot risk our members’ lives by allowing them to go home,” said Hlatywayo.

He absolved the police of the beatings, solely accusing Zanu PF youths.

“We were not attacked or beaten by the police, but instead by Zanu PF supporters who said they were acting for the police. We did not report this attack to the police because, based on past experience, the police have tended to arrest the person reporting if they come from our party,” said Hlatywayo.

However, Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector James Sabau dismissed the allegations by the MDC-T, saying they habitually made allegations of violence.

“It’s their nature to issue false statements about things that did not happen and as a result we are not aware of these allegations,” said Sabau.

Kunaka dismissed the MDC-T claims, saying Zanu PF was a party for peace and development and had no time for violence. He said the MDC-T should “go to hell” because he was tired of their unfounded allegations.

“I am shocked by these allegations. I have been out of Harare for the past two weeks and don’t know anything about this. For how long should I keep telling these people that our party, Zanu PF, is not violent? I have told them to go and look at our party symbol and look at three words there which say “unity, peace and development”. I am sick and tired of their allegations. They should go to hell,” said Kunaka.