Man killed over cockerel abuse


KAROI — A 19-year-old Karoi man, Jameson Tafireyi, is reportedly on the run after he allegedly fatally assaulted a fellow villager following a brawl at a beer drink.

The deceased was identified as Takunda Ganhira (23) of Plot 12 Parandel Farm, Karoi.

Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara, identified the deceased as Takunda Ganhira (23) of Plot 12, Parandel Farm.

Mabweazara told NewsDay on Tuesday police had launched a manhunt for the suspect.

According to police, Ganhira and Tafireyi of Plot 2 Kapena Farm, Tengwe in Karoi, Hurungwe, were drinking beer in their neighbourhood when the latter who was visibly drunk caught Ganhira’s cockerel and forced it to smoke a cigarette.

This allegedly incensed Ganhira who immediately stood up and punched Tafireyi once in the face.
“Following the confrontation, Tafireyi stood up and kicked the now deceased Ganhira once in the neck resulting in Ganhira collapsing,” said Mabgweazara.

Realising the gravity of his action, Tafireyi allegedly fled the scene, while Ganhira lay unconscious. He only regained consciousness an hour later. Ganhira’s condition reportedly worsened and he later died as he was being ferried home.