Afro-jazz artist launches debut album


Upcoming afro-jazz musician Victoria Matsokotere will launch her debut album titled Being With You at Crowne Plaza Hotel tonight.

The nine-track album shows the great potential that the 19-year old diva is endowed with. Her smooth voice and solid instrumentation on the tracks hint that the album is destined for popularity.

It does not sound like a debut project and many will mistake her voice for an experienced musician’s who has done other projects .

But Matsokotere has not worked with any musicians before, neither does she have that all-too-common history of having been in a school choir or praise and worship team at church.

“I have never done any musical projects before. I started composing songs when I completed high school,” said Matsokotere.

“I just felt that I could do something musically. I had a passion for music when I was growing up, but I was never actively involved in the art.

“After my ‘A’ Levels I enrolled at a music college and started learning to play the guitar.

“I knew I was gifted vocally and it was easy to take up the art professionally.”

She recorded the album with Crossline Studios in Greencroft.

Crossline Studios director Herman Chimusoro described Matsokotere as an amazing lady possessing extraordinary talent.