‘Zim one of the worst governed countries’


Zimbabwe has, for the second year in a row, been ranked as one of the worst governed countries on the continent together with Somalia and Chad.

The Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2011 report released on Monday showed Zimbabwe is still placed 51 out of the 53 African countries, just two rungs above Somalia and Chad respectively.
In the southern African region, Zimbabwe was ranked the worst performer.

The rankings for 53 African nations now measures changes in quality of governance over a five-year period, from 2006 to 2010.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation is an organisation that supports good governance and leadership in Africa. According to the index, at position 51 out of the 53 African countries, Zimbabwe has retained its ratings as the third worst governed nation in Africa.

Zimbabwe had an overall score of 31, 29 out of 100 and ranked 48 on the rule of law, 52 on accountability and 47th on human rights and national security.

The report shows that at sub-category level, Zimbabwe’s highest rank is in infrastructure development (15th).

The index is based on 86 indicators of good governance, grouped into four categories: safety and the rule of law (which includes sub-categories such as accountability, personal safety and national security); participation and human rights (including gender equity), sustainable economic opportunity (public management, business environment, infrastructure and the rural sector) and human development (welfare, education and health).