Serial rapist terrorising residents in Dzivarasekwa


A serial rapist is on the loose and has been terrorising residents in Dzivarasekwa high-density suburb in Harare, police warned yesterday.

The police said the rapist has so far pounced on five women in the suburb and had still not been arrested.
Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector James Sabau said they had received reports of the suspected rapist and warned the public to be on high alert.

“On Sunday, the suspected rapist went to the residence of a 14-year-old and asked for her mother whom she said was away. The man then asked her to take him to the family fields and the two went together. However, when they got to the fields the suspect told the complainant he wanted to relieve himself. The man then removed the girl’s trousers and raped her (but) apologised after the act,” said Sabau.

“On September 17, the suspect approached a 16-year-old girl who was tilling the fields. He then said he had been told by her parents to show her the other piece of land they had bought. When they reached a secluded area between Dzivarasekwa 2 and the Ministry of Defence plot, she was raped and given $10.”

Sabau said on September 14, the suspect went to another house in the suburb and found a 23-year-old maid. He told her he had been sent by her employer to take him to their fields. He went with the girl to Dzivarasekwa Extension and raped her.

“We are warning people not to entertain the suspect if he approaches them with the same trick. If they come across him they should alert the police, which would lead to his arrest,” said Sabau.

“During this period of the rainy season we usually have a high incidence of rape of women in the fields. So we urge people to move in groups to avoid rape.”

Police said on September 4, the man approached a 22- year-old girl and told her he had been sent by her sister to show him their maize field.

The girl then took the man to the fields and when they got to Dzivarasekwa 4 he raped her and ran away.

On July 27 the man allegedly approached a 28-year-old woman in Tynwald South and told her he worked at an employment agency and could get a job for her. He then instructed her to follow him, but when they got to an open space he raped her once and ran away.