Somanje kicks son out of house


After persistent efforts from his father to kick him out of a family house in Dombotombo, Marondera, Daiton Somanje’s son has relocated to another part of the town.

Somanje last month sought an order from Marondera Civil Court to evict his son, Faheem, from the family home.

Although the order has not been granted yet, Faheem claims pressure and serious accusations from his father had left him with no option, but to leave.

In an interview with NewsDay, Faheem confirmed he is now renting a house in Rusike Phase 3, a few kilometres from the family residence.

“I just want peace and since the house belongs to my father, he has every right to do what he wants with it,” said Faheem.

“We have left because he wanted us out. I am a grown man and I have to cater for myself and do my own things elsewhere.

“I am now staying with my wife and child in Rusike Phase 3 and it is very peaceful,” he said.
When contacted for comment about Faheem’s vacation, Somanje professed ignorance and claimed he had severed ties with his son.

Somanje said he was selling the house and other property in Marondera and no one would stop him.
“I don’t know him anymore. I think he is not my son. It is fine that he is now staying alone because he is an adult and he must take care of himself,” said Somanje.

“The Marondera house is mine. I bought it with my own money. Who is he to claim my property?
“Now that I don’t have a son I am going to sell the house. I have already found a buyer. I am just waiting for the courts to clear the house.”

Meanwhile, Faheem, who has ventured into music and is struggling to make ends meet, was given a full second-hand music kit by Tendai Ganda, a member of Pengaudzoke group led by Somanje.

Faheem confirmed the gesture saying: “I am very grateful that I now have my own musical kit. All credit goes to Tendai Ganda who gave me his own instruments.”

Daiton said he was unaware of the donation.
“I don’t know about the instruments. If he was given the instruments, it is for his own good. As for me, I am not his father so there is nothing to rejoice,” he said.

The feud between Somanje and his son started in June this year when the Tsaona hitmaker made a report at Dombotombo Police Station accusing Faheem of stealing kombi seat covers, four cellphones and a guitar among other goods.

Somanje lost the case, but went on to apply for a peace order against his family at Marondera Civil Court saying his wife and son were abusing him physically and emotionally.

Last month, he then applied for an eviction order at the same court. Currently, he is staying in Dzivaresekwa with his mistress.