Roki kicked off stage


Forgotten urban grooves musician Roki was last Friday night chased off stage by students while performing at the Miss Midlands State University (MSU) beauty pageant.

The Chidzoka hitmaker had to abandon his act and scurry for cover after being hurled with missiles before the situation turned riotous with police failing to contain the angry students.

The pageant was subsequently abandoned before the queen was crowned.

Roki got on stage to a warm applause, but a lacklustre performance wholly dominated by his old songs did not augur well with students who felt shortchanged.
Missiles started raining with the musician’s call for order falling on deaf ears.

“Please, musakanda mabhodhoro pastage, please. (Please stop throwing bottles on stage),” pleaded Roki, but to no avail.

Police details present were frantically trying to block defiant students who were advancing towards the stage, but the situation degenerated into pandemonium.

Rapper Nasty Trix was waiting under the wings to go on stage, but the pageant was eventually abandoned after missiles including chairs were thrown around.
Many people started running in different directions to escape the mayhem.

It could not, however, be immediately established if Roki managed to escape unhurt.

The ugly incident all but confirmed Roki’s waning fame since he was more popular with university students who used to treat him like a hero.

While on stage, he only performed old songs that made him famous like Misodzi and Suzana, but they proved to have lost their appeal to his audience.
Roki’s music career took a knock mostly due to his indiscipline.

The supremely gifted singer, who is also blessed with good dancing skills, sank deeply into infamy and is widely known for his womanising escapades.

His current status is truly the opposite of a promising young man who a few years ago charmed many youths with his flawless performances.


  1. these are lies it makes me wonder about the depth of your news coverage. it is very shallow because i was the organizer of the show and none of your reporters came to me for an official statement. for starters Nasty Trix was there not to perform but as one of the people who attended the show. eish get your facts right

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