PE students take up bowls


Prince Edward (PE) High School students — Aaron Chilundo (14) and Bonny Gatsi (15) — have recently taken up the sport of bowls, playing at City Bowling Club (CBC) in Harare Gardens.

Chilundo has already been selected to represent CBC in several Mashonaland East provincial games and played in the National Fives tournament at the weekend, on which occasions he has been lent suitable footwear and kit.

CBC president Richard Matthews said the club encourages younger players to get involved in a sport which traditionally — at least locally — had a middle-class, middle aged, white image, although overseas, teenagers are making a name for themselves.

In competitive matches, a full white cotton kit with matching shoes must be worn which some of the newcomers to the game find expensive.

Matthews said: “The club has several pressing financial challenges facing it at the moment, but in the near future we mean to hold fund-raisers to subsidise the cost of playing kit needed by newer members, particularly those selected to represent us at provincial or national level.”