La Liga-Rhinos replay: On or off?


The Zifa Northern Region Division One replay between title aspirants La Liga and Black Rhinos is in doubt as La Liga are protesting over the decision by the league’s executive to have the match be played over 13 minutes.

The match, which was abandoned with 13 minutes to go at One Commando, had been set for ZRP Tomlinson on Wednesday afternoon.

The match was abandoned after a La Liga player was allegedly hit by a missile while preparing to take a corner-kick.

Rhinos were leading the match 1-0 when the fracas occurred and the Northern Region Zifa executive ordered that the match resume play for only the last 13 minutes.

However, La Liga are protesting the ruling and want the match to be played over 90minutes and said they had appealed against the ruling.

“We have appealed over the ruling to have the match played only 13 minutes, but you should talk to (Sweeney) Mushonga who is the league’s secretary.

We want the match to be played over 90 minutes and not 13minutes. We have already sent our papers of appeal to Zifa,” said La Liga secretary Samuel Mazowe.

However, Mushonga professed ignorance of his office having received any appeal letter from La Liga.

“As far as we are concerned, the match is on. I have contacted the office and there is nothing from La Liga. But you know the day is still young.

“Maybe, they will send something later during the day. The match will be played at ZRP Tomlinson tomorrow afternoon,” he said.

La Liga are in second position with 45 points, the same as log leaders Harare City, but trail owing to an inferior goal difference with only two games of the season to go.