Disappointed Coltart to meet Zifa


Zifa has agreed to meet Education, Sport, Arts and Culture minister David Coltart after he wrote a letter seeking audience with various stakeholders to discuss issues relating to the administration of revenue generated during football matches in the country.

Coltart said he received communication from the then acting Zifa president Ndumiso Gumede ten days ago.

“I wrote to Zifa last year congratulating them on their coming on board and requested a meeting with them. But I received communication from Gumede saying they want to have the meeting where the issue of tacking financing of football in the country will be discussed,” he said.

Coltart said dates had not been set for the meeting, but said they were hoping to have the meeting soon in Harare.

“We want to have a workshop that will involve different stakeholders who include Zifa, players, coaches, potential sponsors, city councils as well as the Zimbabwe Republic Police. They have a role in football so we want to have the meeting soon,” he said.

He said the meeting will also see the discussion of accountability on the funds raised from gate-takings.

“We need to look at how income generated from football is used. We also need to ensure gate-takings are properly receipted and discuss what percentage each stakeholder can get from the funds,” he said.

Coltart said it is high time the country finds a solution to ensure there are funds to cater for national assignments.

“What is happening in Zimbabwe football is unacceptable. The air fares for the national team have to come from the government and that is unacceptable. We need to ensure that our football is profitable as it is in other countries. We have to be professional if we are to achieve that,” he said.

Gumede confirmed they have communicated with Coltart with regards to the meeting.

“We sat down and discussed the matter and we agreed that it is important we have the meeting. The meeting will be aimed at improving capacity as Zifa must be in a position to stand on its own,” he said.

Coltart had earlier posted on his Facebook page about the Warriors 2-1 to Cape Verde Islands on Saturday.

“I am saddened by the loss of Zimbabwe against Cape Verde this weekend and our consequent failure to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations. So very frustrating when one considers the depth of footballing talent in Zimbabwe.

“But the problem was actually made last year when there was the disgraceful disruption to the coaching team days before the home match against Cape Verde.

“The only positive news is that Zifa have finally agreed to my offer of holding an indaba to discuss the financing of football in Zimbabwe.

“It is time we got football sorted out as we can still qualify for the 2014 World Cup — if we get our act together,” reads his post.